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Department of Oral Surgery


„The Department of Oral Surgery is part of the University Dental Clinic in Bonn.

The treatments in our section include any kind of oral surgery for example extractions, apiectomy, surgical removal of wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth, removal of benign tissue changes and cyst surgery, augmentation procedures and implantology as an interdisciplinary approach together with the Department of Prosthodontics.“

Focus of Treatment:

Oral Soft Tissue Lesions

Dental Injuries
Accidental injuries of the teeth and jaws involving children and adolescents; tooth transplantation and replantation

Periodontal Surgery
Membrane techniques and bone formation

Including bone grafting with endogenous bone, bone substitutes and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), prosthodontic surgery


Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wahl
Medical Director of the Department
of Dental Surgery

Department of Oral Surgery
University Hospital Bonn
Welschnonnenstr. 17
53111 Bonn