Patientenkolloquium 2019
Das Universitätsklinikum Bonn möchte Sie auch 2019 wieder für das Patientenkolloquium "Uni-Medizin für Sie: Mitten im Leben" herzlich einladen ... weiterlesen

Department of Neurology


„Our Department of Neurology offers a complete clinical treatment for all neurologic diseases. The clinical and scientific focus is on neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumors, muscle disorders, cerebrovascular diseases and multiple sclerosis.
After an accurate neurologic examination, it’s very often possible to locate brain or spinal disturbances.
In other diseases, e.g. Parkinson’s disease merely the medical history and clinical examinations may lead to an accurate diagnosis.“

Focus of Treatment:

Neurodegenerative Diseases
Chronic brain diseases (circulation disturbances or inflammations); Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease

Brain Tumors
Brain tumors (glioma, meningeoma, lymphoma); tumors of the spinal cord; metastases of other malignant tumors

Muscle Disorders
Muscle weakness or muscle atrophy and degeneration; muscle infection (myositis)

Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic inflammatory diseases of the brain und spinal cord

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Klockgether
Medical Director of the Department of Neurology
Department of Neurology
University Hospital Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Straße 25
53127 Bonn