Patientenkolloquium 2019
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Department of Orthodontics


„The orthodontic department is part of the center for dental and oral medicine at the University Hospital Bonn. We offer the whole spectrum of orthodontic medicine. Generelly we differentiate in the reasons for an orthodontic treatment between aesthetic and medical indications.“

Focus of Treatment:

Treatment for Medical Reasons
Treatment for diseases or prevention (indications: teeth move uncontrollably and haphazardly,
tooth position doesn’t allowed a faultless dental hygiene, Straight teeth are interrupted, handicaped speaking)

Treatment for Aesthetic Reasons
Orthodontic fine tuning (straight teeth)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Jäger
Medical Director of the Department of Orthodontic

Department of Orthodontic
University Hospital Bonn
Welschnonnenstraße 17
53111 Bonn