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Depatment of Dermatology


„The diagnostic spectrum of our dermatology department covers the entire field of skin diseases and associated field, in particular, special blood tests, fungal findings, skin biopsies for histological examination, specialized associations and light therapy. Typical diseases are inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and skin tumors (e.g., white or black skin cancer), but also allergies, blistering diseases, infections of the skin or mucous membranes caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi as well as chronic wounds and ulcers.“

Focus of diagnostics and treatment:

Common inflammatory and infectious skin diseases
Psoriasis, auto-immune diseases, scleroderma, microbial, viral and fungi infections
Vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders

Laser therapy of vascular malformations and precancerosis

Medical and surgical treatment of skin cancer (partner in the CIO, Center of Integrated Oncology Bonn-Cologne)
Early detection and management of non-melanoma skin cancer, malignant melanoma and others

Allergic diseases
(Center of Excellence for Research and Patient Care in Allergy of the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network)
Allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, urticaria, drug intolerance

Dermatologic Angiology and Phlebology
Vascular disease, particularly varicose veins

Reproductive functions of men and dysfunctions of sexual development

Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Bieber
Medical Director of the Department of Dermatology
and Allergy

Department of Dermatology and Allergy
University Medical Center
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
53127 Bonn

Tel: 0049 (0) 228 2871 5846
Fax: 0049 (0) 228 2871 1810