Attention (BMBF)

ADHD treatment in adults ususally consists of a drug and / or psychotherapeutic treatment, wherein the drug treatment success is usually higher than the psychotherapeutic treatment success. However, ADHD treatment often leads to undesirable side effects and must be closely monitored. The development of further, effective and low-side-effects ADHD therapeutic approaches seems urgently indicated.

The aim of the BMBF-funded project ATTENTION (= Mobile System for ADHD Therapy using Transcranial Electrical Neurostimulation) is the development of a novel medical-technical system for targeted neuromodulation of attention-related cortical networks through electrostimulation. Specifically, a demonstrator is to be developed with which attention-relevant EEG signals can be extracted and modulated by tACS. This demonstrator will then be tested in several studies initially in healthy subjects and later in ADHD patients.

In addition to the University Hospital Bonn, the project also involves five other project partners (neuroConn, Ascora, Applied Biosignals, University of Oldenburg, Fraunhofer IDMT).
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Project researchers at the University Hospital Bonn:
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Philipsen
Prof. Dr. Silke Lux
Dr. Niclas Braun