AwareMe (BMBF)

Mental disorders can manifest in emotional outbursts, lack of organizational ability, forgetfulness, difficulties when concentrating, or even in problems in relationships and at work. The behavioral disorders are often accompanied by changes in the sleep phases or the respiratory rate but also by increased or reduced body movements. In therapy, a multimodal approach is often chosen, that is, the use of drugs is combined with behavioral therapy, coaching and social-therapeutic support. In the therapy and the handling of the disease, the self-management, i.e. the recognition of the course of the disease and the deliberate use of strategies to alleviate the symptoms represent an important building block.

The AwareMe project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to support the self-management of patients with mental behavioral problems through innovative medical technology systems. For example, vital signs and movements can be measured and directly evaluated by sensors worn on the body. Feedback with appropriate recommendations for action can then be received directly from the patient, for example via the smartphone.

As part of this project, this body-supported medical technology will be tested as an example for patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Ascora GmbH, Budelmann Elektronik GmbH and OFFIS as experts for IT solutions, electronic circuits and embedded systems as well as computer-aided information processing are involved in the joint project in addition to the University Hospital Bonn. Further information can be found at

Project researchers at the University Hospital Bonn

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Philipsen
Prof. Dr. Silke Lux
Dr. Niclas Braun
Marcel Schulze
Benjamin Selaskowski

Opportunities for study participation:

A first psychoeducation study in the framework of the AwareMe project will start soon at the University Hospital Bonn. If you are diagnosed with ADHD and you are basically interested in participating in a study, you will soon find more information here. You are welcome to contact our contact person Mr. Benjamin Selaskowski (