Creative Therapies

Art therapy

Art therapy, along with dance and music therapy, is one of the artistic therapies.
In it, the media of the visual arts are used: these include painting, drawing, sculpture and the new media (photography, etc.) These are used at a receptive and active level of action.
This enables our patients to experience relaxation, to deal with their situation in an individual and resource-oriented way, to develop creative potential and to gain joy of life.
The treatment spectrum covers the entire range of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders.

Art therapy is offered in the form of group therapy ("open studio"), individual therapy and as project work.

Contact us:
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Kunsttherap. Kathrin Seifert
Phone: 0228 287-19823


Music therapy

Music therapy is a form of applied psychotherapy.

The creative medium of music forms the basis on which the cooperation between patients and therapists takes place.

The use of music in the context of the therapeutic relationship can contribute to
  • recovery,
  • conservation and
  • to promote mental, physical and spiritual health.
Specifically, music therapy can be used to:
  • enable the conscious experience of one's own situation,
  • to uncover connections,
  • to experience and try out feelings and new behavioural possibilities,
  • to gain a better quality of life
  • Regulate activity and tension
  • to positively influence the mood.

The condition of the patient determines the individual pace and direction in which the music therapy progresses.

Music therapy is particularly useful if speech is not available or only available to a limited extent for treatment, or if speech is mainly used to ward off feelings. In these cases, access to the patient via a non-verbal medium is often easier.

Activity and emotional involvement are essential in music therapy, not the orientation towards results. Any patient can participate here. No previous musical training such as reading music, playing a musical instrument or musical talent is required.

At the University Hospital Bonn, music therapy currently takes place once a week in two separate groups.


Dance and movement therapy

The artistic medium of dance and creative movement are used in conjunction with reflective conversation to support the individual on his or her individual path to mental health.

The central focus of the work is the conscious perception of the body and the expression of movement as well as the expansion of the movement repertoire.

The holistic experience of body, mind and soul makes the connection with sensations and feelings clear.

At the same time, dance therapy offers the opportunity to experience and try out different ways of contact with oneself and with others in movement and dance.

Just as movement reflects our inner attitude, a change on the movement level also leads beyond destructive behaviour patterns and to new solutions.

Elements of bodywork such as Qigong, Yoga or body-related meditation can be used as support.

Dance therapy is offered in individual and group form.