Day-Patient Care

Day - patient treatment at our psychiatric day clinic combines medical and psychiatric care during the week with staying in a home setting in the evenings and weekends. It therefore offers the opportunity to try out and practice therapeutic advances in the usual living environment, but at the same time to deal with problems and difficulties there in a timely and therapeutic manner. Thus, this form of treatment can be a good alternative or subsequently a supplement to fully in-patient treatment.

Different treatment methods are used: Psychotherapy takes place mainly in disease - specific groups offered several times a week, in addition to one-on-one consultations, occupational and art therapy, relaxation procedures, psychiatric Care, social service support and many other therapy offers in a varied, weekly design.

The day clinic has 15 treatment places, which provides professional help for almost all psychiatric illnesses. However, patients with primary addiction, cognitive impairment or acute suicidality are advised to offer a fully inpatient treatment. Unfortunately, the day clinic is not yet accessible for wheelchair users. 

Treatment includes the presence of patients during the week (Monday to Friday) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a regular treatment duration of about 4-6 weeks. The exact indication and objective of the day - patient treatment in our day clinic is discussed individually in an appointment before admission. For appointments please contact the secretariat of our ambulance 0228 287 15732. 

The nursing team of the day clinic can be reached by phone on 0228 287 19139.
Responsible from the medical side Dr. Ulrike Schmidt