Deep brain stimulation for therapy-resistant depressions

A depression passes again and nothing remains. This comforting message is right, but unfortunately it does not apply in every Case. Especially in the case of depression, there are forms of history that do not address drugs and/or PSYCHOTHERAPY. The deep brain stimulation (ths) has been used with great success since the beginning of the 1990s to treat various neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease. This has been done for more than 10 years in psychiatric disorders, with approximately 140 patients having been treated with ths worldwide. The first clinical results are promising. At the University of bonn, patients with therapy-resistant uni-and Bipolar depression are treated in the course of studies with THS.

working group: Prof. Dr. T. E. Schläpfer
contact: Dr. Rer. Nat. B. Bewernick (outpatient clinic for therapy-resistant Depression)