Diamorphine outpatient clinic

The diamorphine outpatient clinic is aimed at people who have been opiate addicted for many years, who have not been able to benefit sufficiently from the previous offers of the addiction aid system.
The medical treatment offers in addition to the daily diamorphous administration and addiction related medical accompaniment the comprehensive diagnosis and therapy of physical and psychological accompanying diseases, as far as this is not done by e.g. the family doctor.

In addition to medical treatment, psycho-social care is carried out in the diamorphine outpatient clinic by our cooperation partners Caritas and Diakonie.

The application can be made by the persons concerned themselves, by employees in addiction counselling centres, established doctors, substitution doctors or hospitals.
For registration or questions you can reach the diamorphous ambulance by phone daily (also on weekends) under 0228 – 287 22278 or by email at diamorphinambulanz@ukbonn.de.

Further information on reception conditions and treatment can be found here.