Emergency psychiatry

Head of emergency psychiatry: Dr. Henrik Rohner

Cooperation partner: PD Dr. med. Ingo Gräff

As part of emergency psychiatric treatment, all mental disorders in need of immediate treatment will be treated. Common clinical pictures include acute depressive and/or suicidal crises, intoxications with psychotropic substances, severe psychotic conditions and the like.

The treatment is carried out in close cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Emergency Centre (INZ) as part of a round-the-clock supply. A specially trained team of experienced doctors and nurses is available for this purpose. If necessary, the interdisciplinary emergency department has the possibility of (co-) treatment by the various departments of the UK Bonn.

The most important basis of emergency psychiatry is the so-called triage, i.e. the classification of the diseases based on urgency. From this professional-psychiatric initial assessment, the clarification of the further treatment is then either inpatient or outpatient.