Further Education and Certificates


Our clinic is a further education institution certified by the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology (DGPPN) and the European Union of Physicians (UEMS) for the specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Advanced education and training in our clinic is also important in quality assurance. Our offer is addressed to the staff of the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as to the staff of the department of neurodegenerative diseases and gerontopsychiatry, but also to other interested doctors and psychologists. We ask external participants to register at least 24 hours beforehand via the e-mail address: Veranstaltungen.Psychiatrie@ukbonn.de


Flyer for the current events:

Certification: Further education credits of Category A have been applied for at the Ärztekammer Nordrhein-Westfalen for the above mentioned series of lectures.

All events of our lecture series - when not explicitly differently announced - will take place in our NPP building (building number 80) on the first floor in seminar room 028.

A map of the clinic area can be found here.

Inside the NPP building you find your way to our seminar room 028 as follows:
1. Walk past the left side of the gate in the NPP entrance area until you come across a patient waiting area.
2. Just behind this waiting area there are our passenger lifts and the staircase. Take either our elevator or the staircase here to get to the first floor.
3. When exiting the elevator or staircase, keep to the right and then take the first passage on the left (also note our sign "Direction seminar rooms").
4. Walk down the hall and turn left at the second possibility. After about 10 meters the seminar room 028 is on the left side.

Important note: In addition to the lecture series listed here, other extraordinary events take place, which you can find on our homepage under the tab news.