General Information

Here you can find information about the range of services that we provide, our research activities, and how to contact us with any inquiries. 
At the Institute, we bring together the disciplines of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology. Our working area stretches from basic science research to clinical studies and futher to supporting clinicians in their daily practice with analysis of patient samples and drug therapies. 

Our four main focus areas are: 

  • Performing laboratory analysis of patient samples for the University Hospital Bonn as well as related services for the doctors on the wards. 
  • Development of innovative forms of therapy, especially within the areas of immunology, therapeutic oligonucleotides, and cholesterol metabolism. 
  • Supporting the clinics of the University Hospital Bonn in carrying out clinical studies, especially 'Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs)'.
  • Supporting the clinicians by providing answers to questions about drug therapies, with the goal of making pharmaceuticals safer, more effective, and more affordable to use.