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Macrophage derived NRP2 is important for anti-tumor immune responses

October 2018

BMZ Innenansicht

Macrophage-Derived Neuropilin-2 Exhibits Novel Tumor-Promoting Functions.

Roy S, Bag AK, Dutta S, Polavaram NS, Islam R, Schellenburg S, Banwait J, Guda C, Ran S, Hollingsworth MA, Singh RK, Talmadge JE, *Muders MH, Batra SK, *Datta K.
Cancer Research 2018; 78(19): 5600-5617.
*corresponding author

In collaboration with the research group of Prof. Kaustubh Datta at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, we have discovered a novel role of macrophage derived Neuropilin-2 in the induction of efferocytosis. NRP2 mediated macrophage efferocytosis is important for the progression of malignant diseases like ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.