Study course medicine

Dates of the winter semester 2020/2021




Dear students, in the winter semester 2020/2021 there will be no classroom lectures and seminars for the time being. These have been replaced by various online offers which you can access via eCampus.

In particular, compulsory participation in the seminars will be replaced by compulsory quizzes.

For further information, please regularly consult the pages on eCampus on Course und Lecture and on Basis on Course and Lecture


Study course medicine

The lessons of the Medical Psychology Section provide you, dear medical students, with basic psychological and sociological knowledge that will be important for your later work as a doctor. The topics are very varied and at the end of the 2-semester programme you can answer questions such as What is personality? What are perceptual errors? What is empathy and how do our emotions influence attention, memory and decision-making behaviour? What are the basics of social interaction and what are the characteristics of medical communication? In addition, we will discuss important medical-sociological topics such as the architecture of our health care system and discuss current challenges for patient care and ethical questions arising, for example, from demographic change in our society and the innovative possibilities of high-performance medicine.

In the winter semester (1st semester of medicine) our programme starts with a main lecture series, which we would like to recommend you to attend, and a course series.

In the summer semester (4th semester of medicine) the main lecture series will be continued. Parallel to this we will teach you in a seminar series.

At the end of both subject semesters, there will be a learning success check in the form of a multiple-choice examination based on the content of the courses of the respective subject semester.

Where do our lessons take place?
In the current semester, all lectures / courses / seminars take place online only!
Further details will be announced on eCampus.
Who can you contact if you have any questions or concerns?
You are welcome to contact the lecturers after lectures or you can contact the secretariat, for example to arrange an appointment: Ms Kathrin Bittig: Phone +49 (0)228 287 19124, Email
Your contact persons for all matters concerning our course or seminar programme are the following staff members:
Kathrin Bittig: Tel. +49 (0)228 287 19124,
Sven Wasserthal:


Dates of WS 2020/2021


Main course: Tuesday, 02.02.2021, (between 11 and 13 h) - location to be announced.

Repeat exam course: Tuesday, 16.02.2021, (between 11 and 13 h) - location to be announced.


For students writing later / if applicable:

Seminar main exam (catch-up date summer semester - this is not the first semester exam!): Tuesday, 02.02.2021, (between 8 and 9:30 h) - location to be announced.

Retake exam course (catch-up date summer semester - this is not the first semester exam!): Tuesday, 16.02.2021, (between 8 and 9:30 h) - location to be announced.