Neuropsychology and Intervention

Neuropsychology deals with the neural basis of behavior. One searches for the connections between cognitive and emotional disorders and their brain-anatomic correlates. In recent years, in addition to the basic research of neuroscience and functional diagnostics, the treatment of dysfunction has become increasingly important. We study (clinical neuropsychology) in our studies especially patients in early to middle adulthood.


  • Basic scientific questions concerning neuronal functions or dysfunctions in psychiatric or neurological diseases
  • Development of innovative neuropsychological examination methods for differentiated diagnostics
  • Development and evaluation of treatment options such as cognitive training procedures or psychotherapeutic approaches.

Behavioral studies, imaging techniques such as (functional or structural) magnetic resonance tomography MRI, as well as electroencephalogram (EEG) or other physiological measurements.

Current research projects

  • Connections between subjective and objective impairments of cognitive function in different psychiatric patient groups
  • Sensory integration processes in ADHD (Marcel Schulze)
  • Use of innovative cognitive training methods compared to standardized cognitive training on PC
  • Develop day-to-day study procedures to detect cognitive problems in everyday life
  • Improvement of cognitive functioning by intake of supplements
  • Processing and recognition of affect in ADHD

Opportunities for internships and final theses

Students who would like to do an internship or write a neuroscience or – psychological master's or doctoral thesis in the clinical neuropsychological field are welcome to contact

Head of the working group

Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Silke Lux
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic and Department of Psychiatry
University Hospital Bonn AöR
Sigmund Freud Straße 25
53127 Bonn

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