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at the Biomedical Center (BMZ) University of Bonn Medical Center


News and Events overview

New studies from our lab demonstrates important role of neuropilin-2 in cancer

January | 2020

Three recently published manuscripts from our lab show an essential role of NRP2 in the progression of prostate, bladder, and pancreatic cancer.


Cooperation with aTyr, San Diego, USA, on neuropilin-2

January | 2020

Muders lab collaborates with biotech company on NRP2.


Meet our latest lab member

January | 2020

Paul Dix from the University of Bonn joined our lab for his MD thesis and is funded by BonFor.


Muders lab organizes the annual meeting of the German speaking Mayo Clinic Alumni group in June 2020

January | 2020

The annual meeting of the Mayo Clinic Alumni will take part in Bonn this year.


Macrophage-derived neuropilin-2 plays an important part in the anti-cancer immune response

October | 2018

Our lab was involved in a study that links NRP2 to macrophage efferocytosis and cancer (Cancer Res 2018).


Posts from the lab

Summer | 2018

After moving into the Biomedical Center (BMZ) of the University Hospital in Bonn, our lab is now up and running!