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News and Events overview

Tumor- and osteoclast-derived neuropilin-2 plays an important role in prostate cancer bone metastases (Bone Res, in press)

April | 2021

In a multiinstitutional collaboration (Datta lab at the Universitiy of Nebraska Medical Center and Mayo Clinic Foundation), our group has shown an essential role of NRP-2 in prostate cancer metastasis.


Neuropilin 2a expression correlates with outcome in bladder cancer (Genes, 2021)

April | 2021

Together with the Department of Urology of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, we were able to show a prognostic role of NRP2 in a cohort of bladder cancer patients.


Cooperation with aTyr, San Diego, USA, on neuropilin-2 aims to develop companion diagnostics for NRP2 blocking therapies

April | 2021

Muders lab collaborates with aTyr Pharma, San Diego, CA, USA to develop a tissue based companion diagnostic test for future anti-NRP2 therapies.


Meet our latest lab member

April | 2021

Rui-zhi Bao joined our lab for her PhD.


The Annual Meeting of the German Mayo Clinic Alumni Group is postponed to September 24th to September 26th due to Covid-19

April | 2021

The annual meeting of the Mayo Clinic Alumni will take part in Bonn in 2021.