Patientenkolloquium 2021
Auch in diesem Jahr lädt das UKB zum monatlichen Patientenkolloquium „Unimedizin für Sie“ ein. Alle wichtigen Informationen dazu finden Sie ⟩ hier.


Offers and services

Before admission...




The First contact with us

You can reach our International Medical Services by phone No.: +49 228 287 14463 or by

E-mail: Please contact our team directly rather than the treating department/physicians in order to ensure smooth and more importantly a fast communicable treatment. We are glad to answer all your requests in Arabic, English and German language.

An automatic confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours after the arrival of your query per email or via telephone. Your request will then be processed in the shortest possible time and you will receive a personal reply.


In order to provide you with a very precise case investigation, we will need to know which services you wish to have of at the University Hospital of Bonn. Kindly send us all the available medical records such as (blood tests, x-rays, CT, MRI, etc.)


Contact us now


After your query

Regardless of whether you are looking for a diagnosis, a second opinion or a therapy, we will provide you with an estimate cost based on your query and the information provided. In some cases, this estimate will only cover the diagnosis as a first step. If you also wish to be treated at the University Hospital of Bonn a step by step agreement following the examination will be executed. After paying the first deposit, we will shortly contact you and set up the dates for your medical treatment. We will draw up a schedule for medical services and send you all the documents needed to apply for Visa.


Payment first deposit

You will be requested to pay the amount previously stated in the cost estimate as a first deposit before your arrival. Following the first examinations here in Bonn, you will receive another cost estimate for medical treatment. The deposit must be paid as a bank transfer to the following account:


Account details:

Universitätsklinikums Bonn

Sparkasse Bonn

Account 10650661

IBAN: DE52 3705 0198 0010 6506 61


In exceptional cases, for instance, if you arrive within 24 hours, the deposit can be paid here directly by credit card or in cash.


Languages and Translation

Even though our team at the International Medical Service speaks several languages, you are kindly requested to send us German or English translations of your medical records. This does not only make it easier to communicate with the treating physicians, but also makes us work on and reply your request faster. If necessary, we can also have you documents translated here in Bonn. Please note that in this case this could postpone your arrival.


Arrival and Visa

In order to receive medical a treatment in Germany, you may have to apply for a "visa for medical treatment". This visa is usually granted very quickly and allows you, if necessary to extend your stay.

In order to apply for a medical visa, you will need an invitation letter as well as the cost estimate and the treatment schedules which we will sent to you directly. When applying for a visa, you can list several accompanying persons as long as they are named in the invitation letter issued by the hospital. It is therefore important to inform us upon your request about the accompanying persons and send us the copies of their passports. We will of course ensure your visa extension if needed.

The documents needed to apply for a visa vary from one country to another. For more detailed information please contact your embassy or consulate.



Bonn has a relatively mild climate. In summer, the temperature rarely rises to more than around 24°C. In winter the temperature seldom falls below -1°C. Before departing to Germany, please check the latest weather forecast and make sure to pack suitable clothing.


Arrival and accommodation


The City Of Bonn


The Federal City of Bonn is a city on the banks of the Rhine in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with a population of over 300,000. About 24 km (15 mi) south-southeast of Cologne, Bonn is in the southernmost part of the Rhine-Ruhr region, Germany's largest metropolitan area, with over 10 Million inhabitants. Because of a political compromise following German reunification, the capital of Germany moved to Berlin but maintains a substantial presence in Bonn, and the city the second site of the government. Bonn is the second seat of the President, the Chancellor, the Bundesrat and the primary seat of six federal government ministries and twenty federal authorities. The unique title of Federal City reflects it´s important political status within Germany.


Founded in the 1st century BC as a Roman settlement, Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities. In Bonn the German Constitution was drafted and institutes after the war. Throughout history the German nobility built this houses in Bonn, because the liked the surroundings of the River Rhine. Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770 and lived in Bonn for 22 years (his birth place and museum is an attraction). From 1990 to 1999, Bonn served as the seat of government – but no longer capital – of reunited Germany. The headquarters of Deutsche Post DHL and Deutsche Telekom, both DAX-listed corporations, are in Bonn. The city is home to the University of Bonn a very successful 200 year University number one in the first round of the excellence initiative and a total of 20 United Nations institutions, including headquarters for Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the UN Volunteers program and the UN University with which the University Medical center cooperates probably the most international city in Germany.



If necessary, we will be pleased to help you to find appropriate flights from your home country to Bonn. We can also take care of the transfer from the airport reaching our hospital. The inner city and University Hospital of Bonn are about half an hour drive from Köln/Bonn Airport. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.


Bonn is more than just a city, it's a sensation!


Bonn – Luxembourg: 219 km

Bonn – Brussels: 236 km

Bonn – Amsterdam: 286 km

Bonn – Paris: 516 km

Bonn – Berlin: 596 km

Bonn – Munch: 557 km


Shopping, art and more

Bonn is a vibrant city that attracts visitors from all over the world each year.

· Bonn is a media city: Deutsche Welle television and Radio broadcasters and other radio stations broadcast from here.

· Bonn is a shopping metropolis: It is said that there are people who come to the city simply to have fun shopping. The market in the center offers great local products and the many shops offer a variety of products, either trendy or luxurious. Outside Bonn, shoppers will be delighted to discover exclusive shopping as offered by the Designer Outlets.

· Bonn is a city on the Rhine. The river's banks and park areas are oases with a perfect view.

· Bonn is the city with five seasons – the fifth one is being the Carnival.

· Bonn is a university city with a total of 5 state and private universities; around 35,000 students attend the University of Bonn alone.


Bonn as a center for health

Bonn is a city of Art, Medicine and Health science.

The combination of the medical excellence at an outstanding level with both history and modernity is what is drawing more and more health tourists to Bonn. More and more people from abroad are coming to Bonn getting their treatment while enjoying the sceneries. The city has everything the heart desires – for patients, convalescents and for family members accompanying them. Visitors are very interested in visiting many places like Bad Godesberg, museums, the Opera House, Bonn Theatre, the Rheinauhafen district and Bonner festival. A lot of attractions that await visitors at Bonn make it one of the attractive cities in Germany


Hotels in Bonn

Please contact us for more information about hotel reservation.


At the University Hospital

How to find us

Our International Medical Service office is centrally located in the building number 1, where also the office of the Medical Director and CEO is located. You can find it close to the North Entrance of University Hospital of Bonn. In urgent cases, you can also contact us to make an appointment outside normal office hours.

Team and Contact


Your Treatment

Before your first appointment, we will be pleased to welcome you at the International Medical Service Office (IMS). The first examinations will then be performed at the Medical Service Office IMS of University Hospital Bonn. This is also where the further course of treatment will be planned, and it will be decided which department of University Hospital Bonn is to receive you. A member of our staff will always accompany you to your appointments and examinations at University Hospital of Bonn in order to translate any medical questions. Our staff speaks German, English, Russian and Arabic


Health check-up for relatives

If the people accompanying you are interested in having a check-up, we will be pleased to arrange this for them at our University Hospital. The basic health check-up involves, for instance, a comprehensive physical examination, various lab tests, general checkup as well as advice for nutrition and physical exercise. As part of the comprehensive health check-up, special early detection screening, for instance cancer screening, can be carried out.

Advanced medical equipments are used in diagnostic checkup. The CT imaging method used offers low radiation exposure combined with excellent image quality, so that sensitive regions of the body can also be examined in a safe and a precise manner. We also have the most advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipments in all of Europe. The open MRI scanners are the comfortable solution for people who suffer from claustrophobia, who have limited mobility, for newborns and children, as well as for obese patients. The University Hospital Bonn has the second highest Case Mix Index in Germany which means that it gets referrals from near and distant places for treatment.


Child care

We have also a wonderful Kids playground area


Religion and culture

If you wish to be catered for during your stay at University Hospital Bonn, you can be assured that the diverse range of food on offer reflects different religious customs and rules. The central canteen in our University Hospital also offers a daily selection of dishes that include different types of meat, vegetarian and Halal food. In addition to our Christian chapel on the premises, our "room of silence" is a place of reflection for people of all religions. Bonn has mosques, and our staff can assist you with special services.


Going home

Your medical records

When it's time to go home, you will of course, be given all the copies of the medical records made during your stay. If necessary, we can also help you to have your documents translated to your native language.


We can also arrange transport from your hotel or from University Hospital Bonn to the airport.

Customs information

When leaving the EU, you will not be required to pay duty on gifts, personal items or clothes. If you are carrying 10,000 euro or more in cash (or in other currencies or checks) on your person, you are required to report this to customs. Forms are available at the customs office at the airport.

If you are bringing valuable items with you to Germany (e.g. expensive equipment, watches or jewelleries), we advise you to present these items at the airport in your home country and complete the related documents. In this condition there will be no doubt regarding the origin of the items.

Your invoice

Following the first examinations here in Bonn, you will receive another cost estimate for further medical treatment. This amount is due and payable during your stay. The final invoice will be issued after your treatment has been completed and your departure. If the invoice sum differs from the amount stated in the cost estimate, you will be refunded the difference or you will be requested to settle the amount still payable. All costs incurred can be settled in cash, bank transfer or by credit card.

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