physical therapy

We are a team of three registered masseurs and medical lifeguards and supervise the clinics for neurology, neurosurgery and epileptology in addition to the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

For our patients in psychiatry, a thorough medical history is crucial, i.e. the therapies have to be individually adapted to the patient's state of health.

The psyche has a decisive influence on whether pain (e.g. back pain) dissolves or becomes chronic (chronification). In fact, it can be shown that especially people suffering from depression are at an increased risk for back pain.

Mental burdens such as stress, unloved work, problems in the social environment, etc. can be the cause of pain.


Service catalog

  • classic medical massage
  • Dorn-Breuss massage
  • Underwater jet massage
  • manual lymphatic drainage / edema therapy , compression wrap
  • Reiki
  • acupressure
  • Heat treatment; e.g. Fango , red light, hot roll
  • medical baths / arm baths