Predictional and neurovegetative research


Dr. Sebastian Möller
Jonas Zoller
Dr. Merve Aydin


Although the efficacy and effectiveness of specific therapies for patients with psychiatric conditions, such as depression, are clearly proven, it is still a challenge to predict the patient's individual response to the particular psychiatric therapy and the individual course of the disease.

We are investigating whether there are specific markers that allow a better prediction of the course of a psychiatric illness and how the patient will respond to his or her therapy.

In doing so, we focus in particular on certain laboratory parameters in the blood and on non-invasive studies of the so-called autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls almost all organ functions without conscious intervention and adapts the organism to the current requirements. The instrument-based measurement of circulatory and respiratory parameters under certain conditions allows conclusions to be drawn about the current course of the disease as well as the effectiveness of the therapy by means of specific calculations.

We furthermore investigate how the functioning of the autonomic nervous system changes under neurostimulation procedures, such as electroconvulsive therapy or vagus nerve stimulation.


Looking for research assistants:

  • Candidates from a psychological / medical field preferred
  • Tasks include data management, participation in ongoing studies of our working group
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