Relatives' Group

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Relatives' Group on Depression

In many cases, when a family member suffers from a depressive disorder, those who are suffering from it take on important tasks in caring for the sick person and must find ways to deal with their often stressful life situation.

In order to support the relatives of people with depression in their efforts and to give them the opportunity to get detailed information about the disease depression, to clarify questions about the treatment options and to talk about domestic problems in dealing with the sick family member were on the open wards have been set up for groups led by doctors, to which all relatives of people with depression treated at these wards are cordially invited.

The groups are open to relatives of people with depression and usually take place once a month. The next appointment can be obtained from the ward's medical or nursing team, where your relative is treated.


Relatives' Group on Dementia

Education about dementia and recommendations for dealing with patients are of key importance to affected families. We therefore offer groups for relatives who provide information and room to discuss problems in a structured program.