Sociotherapeutic networking

Within the inpatient and outpatient treatment services, doctors, psychologists, social workers and the nursing team work closely together with the goal of a good social integration of sick people.
In this sense, patients are advised and assisted in medical and professional reintegration processes, as well as in the search for a suitable form of living (such as assisted living, temporary hostels, therapeutic residential communities).
Intensive medical networking with established colleagues and their own outpatient clinics facilitates the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment and pursues the goal of stable, continuous medium and long-term treatment.

Likewise, there is a close link with the relatives. Regular meetings with therapists take place in the clinic.

Relatives of people with dementia have regular family groups .

Staff members of the clinic are active members of the working group Dementia of the City of Bonn.

There is a close exchange with the Bonn Alzheimer's Society, which meets regularly in the clinic premises.

An intensive and fruitful networking takes place with the Alliance for Depression eV and the Relatives Association for the mentally ill eV .