Special outpatient clinic for people with alcohol dependency

The alcohol ambulance at the clinic and polyclinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy is available as a central point of contact for people seeking treatment with alcohol addiction. In the section clinical picture you can find information about alcohol addiction, among other things.

The primary goal of our work is to provide individuals with individual advice in further therapy (e.g. qualified detoxification in our clinic, outpatient or stationary weaning or community psychiatric-oriented therapy).

The treatment offer is aimed particularly at patients with so-called double diagnosis (i.e. alcohol addiction plus accompanying psychiatric disease). In individual cases, the alcohol ambulance can take care of alcohol-dependent patients in the context of the psychiatric institute outpatient activity (PIA).

The application can be made by the persons concerned themselves, by employees in addiction counselling centres or by established doctors. At the time of the presentation, please bring a referral from the doctor or the resident physician.

Appointments can be arranged with Mrs. Hanke, Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, under Tel.-No. 0228 287-15732.

Information material on Alcohol dependence (Federal Centre for Health Education, BZgA)