Special outpatient clinic for people with anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are among the most common diseases in the population. In the section clinical picture you will find detailed information about anxiety disorders.

In our special outpatient clinic for people with anxiety disorders, we specialize in detecting and treating these disease patterns. Social phobia and panic disorder form a special scientific focus of our work. We will be happy to inform you about our clinical studies and how you can participate in such a study.

On the basis of extensive diagnostics, we inform and advise on the appropriate outpatient-, partial- and fully-inpatient-treatment options in our clinic.

The application can be made by the persons concerned or by established doctors. At the time of the presentation, please bring a referral from the doctor or the resident physician for psychiatry.

Appointments can be arranged with Mrs. Hanke, Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, under Tel.-No. 0228 287-15732.