Specific psychotherapy of prolonged depression (CBASP)

So far, long-lasting depression has been considered by the clinicians as largely resistant to treatment with regard to the usual psychotherapeutic interventions. For some time, the range of treatment offered by the UKB's department of psychiatry and psychotherapy has expanded to include the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy CBASP.

The CBASP is the only worldwide psychotherapy program specifically designed to treat long-lasting depression and has proven to be effective. In combination with a drug treatment CBASP provides the most promising therapy for prolonged depression! In this US-developed manualized procedure, therapists must have acquired very specific skills. Psychotherapists of the clinic are among the very few certified practitioners in Germany.

The CBASP, with its innovative approach to psychotherapy, clearly distinguishes itself from the commonly used psychodynamic, behavioral, and reinforcement-theoretical-interpersonal psychotherapy procedures as cross-school psychotherapy. Thus, the key to a change in behavior is derived in the chronic condition of the patient, because any behavior that relieves chronic stress can be exacerbated if the therapist is alert and helps the patient identify which behavior is causing the symptoms to decrease has led. In the treatment, patients learn to perceive themselves as actors in their relationship to the environment and to change their social behavior so that they achieve more often what they want.

The treatment takes place in Bonn in two phases: The inpatient treatment phase includes the attitude to a stable psychotropic medication as well as the preparation for the actual psychotherapy phase. The psychotherapy phase is done on an outpatient basis.

The process is novel and innovative. It therefore does not yet belong to the procedures of so-called policy psychotherapy. Therefore, the reimbursement of expenses for legally insured persons is not automatically guaranteed, but experience shows that there are no problems for patients with health insurance for chief medical treatment.

For clinical trials, outpatient treatment with CBASP is currently not available.