Ward Bonhoeffer

On the protected psychiatric ward 6, acutely psychiatric patients with the full spectrum of mental disorders (acute psychotic condition, severe depressive and/or suicidal crises, psychiatric syndromes in basic physical illness and the like) are treated. The ward also has special surveillance beds in case of acute crises and/or physically co-ill patient.

All possibilities of modern, scientifically based psychio-interdisciplinary care are offered on the ward. These include, in particular, calculated pharmacotherapy, intensified disorder-specific (short) psychotherapy with individual and group therapy offers, a specialized nursing reference care system, cotherapies and a social pedagogical co-support.

All offers are discussed and carried out individually with the patient.

A particular focus of the ward is on the treatment of therapy - refractory depressive disorders. In addition to the intensified psychotherapeutic treatment, all common neurostimulation methods (electroconvulsive therapy, vagus nerve stimulation, and others) can be offered here.

In addition to the treatment of special psychiatric disturbances, general treatment goals are the rapid stabilization of our patients and joint planning of the following outpatient or (partial) in-patient follow-up treatments