Ward Freud

The Freud ward is a mixed-sex, sheltered ward with 17 (18) beds where patients with opiate addictions are treated.

The focus of the ward is on elective, qualified and substitution-assisted detoxification treatment in patients with opiate addiction with or without further comorbid material-related dependencies.

The aim of the treatment is to improve the physical and psychological condition of those affected during withdrawal treatment and to keep withdrawal complaints low through individually adapted symptomatic treatment. In addition, an attempt is being made to develop a follow-up concept that goes beyond in-patient detoxification treatment with the patient. At the beginning of the treatment, patients are evaluated whether abstinence-oriented or substitution-oriented detoxification treatment should be carried out. Abstinence-oriented treatment involves detoxification of all addictive substances. In addition to the gradual dosage of opiates, there is a fractional detoxification of other substances such as benzodiazepines, alcohol or cocaine. Substitution-oriented treatment is adjusted to the controlled intake of a substance (levothadone or buprenorphine), which is continued on an outpatient basis after dismissal.

In addition to symptomatic support and medical and nursing care, the therapy methods used include a behavioural therapeutically oriented motivational group, co-support by the social service, exercise therapy, occupational therapy and relaxation procedures. In order to alleviate withdrawal complaints, body-related therapies, such as baths with essential oils, are offered.

A further focus of the ward is the simultaneous treatment of accompanying mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety disorders. Often addicted people also suffer from acute physical concomitant diseases, which can be diagnosed and co-treated here. For relapse prophylactic treatment, the calibration of medication can be changed to an opioid antagonist like Naltrexone after successful opiate detoxification.

For people with the most severe opiate dependence, a joint initiative with the federal city of Bonn and the aid agencies Diakonie and Caritas established a special centre for diamorphin-assisted substitution treatment, with which there is close cooperation.

Registration for detoxification treatment on our station is by phone call 0228-287-15682.