Ward Jaspers

Welcome to Jaspers Ward, an open psychotherapy ward with around 20 treatment places!
Together, we work step by step to build up an individual treatment concept that is geared to the specific symptoms of the disease and the underlying triggers. Where appropriate, this also includes psychopharmacotherapy in accordance with guidelines and the latest state of research.

During treatment, we focus not only on the psychological aspects but also on biographical (often traumatic), interpersonal and accompanying physical aspects. Right from the start, we have an improvement in the quality of life in mind, not only in the short term, but also for the time after discharge and beyond. Our range of treatment is aimed at in-patients requiring psychiatric treatment with diseases from the entire spectrum and also includes therapy for emotionally unstable personality disorders, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and comorbid ADHD symptoms. Our range of therapies is based on behaviour-therapeutically oriented procedures as individual and group psychotherapy.

In addition to disorder-specific therapies, we also offer stress tolerance, mindfulness and social competence. Individual elements from dialectical bhavioral therapy (DBT) and trauma-centred methods such as screen technology or narrative exposure therapy are also included. Further components are art and music therapy as well as movement, body and sports therapies. We are also happy to include your relatives in couple and family discussions.