WHO CC Newsletter No. 10 - December 2006

Dear Reader,

thanks to our new layout team, the WHO CC newsletter has changed its name and appearance. With issue No. 10, and after the first five years of publication, “WaMRi” has become "Water & Risk” – to be more convenient, more focused, and more appealing to our readership.
For the current issue, we invited several young colleagues to share with us their water & sanitation field experiences in India. We encourage you to follow Thomas Seyler, Patrick Sakdapolrak and Reena Singh to their PhD projects in Chennai and Delhi. Christine Werner brings us insights into the engagement of GTZ in “ecological sanitation”, a new paradigm in recycling-orientated wastewater ma-nagement, and highlights the implementation of pilot projects in different parts of the world. Reports from two conferences complete the newsletter: Andrea Rechenburg presents different disposal concepts from the Decentralized Infrastructure Conference (Aachen/Germany), and Susanne Herbst reflects on her impressions from the IWA World Water Congress (Beijing/China) on water, sanitation, health and the Millennium Development Goals.

We look forward receiving your comments, encourage you to contribute to future “Water & Risk” newsletters, and wish you a happy and successful 2007!

Thomas Kistemann




  • Water and Health: Struggling for survival in a South Indian Megacity
  • A new approach to analyse water-related vulnerability in megacities: Delhi Case study
  • ECOSAN – recycling-oriented wastewater management and sanitation systems
  • Integrated approaches to supply and disposal systems
  • Water, Sanitation, Health and the MDGs



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