WHO CC Newsletter No. 11 - July 2007

Dear Reader,

we wish to thank the ‘Water & Risk’ readership for the positive and encouraging responses that we have received about the new layout of our newsletter. The editorial team has taken these comments into consideration to further improve the attractiveness, convenience, and topicality of this publication.In the current issue, we invited our colleague Dilorom Fayzieva from the Uzbek Institute of Water Problems in Tashkent to report on water resources and their contamination as well as about human access to water and sanitation and major water-related health problems in her home country. Uzbekistan is a large and populous, but landlocked country in Central Asia and its water problems are inextricably related to the widely reported Aral Sea disaster.

The contamination of surface water bodies and, subsequently, drinking water with perfluorinated surfactants has gained much attention in Germany during the last year. With their investigations and publications, Dirk Skutlarek and Harald Färber from our institute have provoked an emotional national debate about perfluorinated surfactants and the health consequences for the population at risk, mainly in the densely populated Ruhr area. In our newsletter, they present a review of their current findings.

The newsletter is completed by short reports from four conferences, workshops and meetings: Christiane Franke visited the ‘Essener Tagung’ on Water, Wastewater and Waste in Aachen in March 2007; Yvonne Walz represented our WHOCC at a symposium on the occasion of the designation of the new WHOCC for Housing and Health in Stuttgart in March 2007; a workshop on infectious diseases and environmental change was held at the headquarters of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm, where our WHOCC was invited to represent views on the water-related health impact of environmental change. Finally, a brief reference is made to the International Conference Towards Sustainable Global Health’, which was held in Bonn in May 2007.

Once again, we look forward receiving your comments and encourage you to contribute to one of the future issues of ‘Water & Risk’.

Thomas Kistemann




  • Water and Health in Uzbekistan

  • Perfluorinated surfactants in surface and drinking waters

  • ECDC Workshop on Infectious Diseases and Environmental Change

  • Latest facts on water, wastewater and waste – German tasks in the global topic




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