WHO CC Newsletter No. 12 - December 2007

Dear Reader,

We are happy to send you our WHOCC Newsletter just before the end of 2007.
In the current issue, we invited Ian Lake from the University of East Anglia to highlight the benefits of Water Safety Plans for epidemiological studies. Study limitations due to the lack of suitable water quality monitoring data can be overcome using risk-based measures of drinking water exposure, the principles of which are similar to those of Water Safety Plans. In  Rwanda,  the  rate  of  access  to  safe  drinking-water is still unsatisfactory, not only in rural areas, but even in the fast growing capital, Kigali City. Eugene Dusingizumuremyi from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology has investigated the impact of inadequate sanitation and unsafe drinking water on human health and concludes that water-related diseases substantially handicap the development of Kigali City. The Institute for Hygiene and Public Health recently concluded a study on microbial loads from diffuse sources in a small river catchment. Esther Rind, Christiane Franke and Andrea Rechenburg compare these results with the impact of municipal wastewater and combined sewage overflow.

The newsletter is once again completed by short reports from several conferences and meetings: Andrea Rechenburg and Christiane Franke visited the biennial symposium of the IWA specialist group on health-related water microbiology in Tokyo in September 2007; Yvonne Walz reports from the Annual Meeting  of the German Working Group of Medical Geography in Bayreuth in October 2007; and Oksana Krämling shares her impressions with us of the 12th International Medical Geography Symposium, which was hosted by our Institute in July 2007.
We wish our readership untroubled and peaceful Christmas days as well as health and success in 2008!

Thomas Kistemann




  • The Use of Water Safety Plans in Epidemiological Studies

  • Impacts of Inadequate Sanitation and Unsafe Drinking Water on Human Health: A Case Study of Kigali City, the Capital of Rwanda

  • Quantifying the Microbiological Loads from Point Sources and Diffuse Pollution in a Small River Catchment in Germany

  • The 12th International Medical Geography Symposium in Bonn




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