WHO CC Newsletter No. 20 - July 2012

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Hmmm, you may ask yourself, what’s going on here? That‘s all? Where is the rest? This is not an editorial. Well, yes, you’re right. That would not be an editorial. That would be rather a polite phrase inviting you to read this year ́s summer issue of our newsletter. Okay, so let ́s put some more effort into raising interest in what is inside this issue. Do you know what a Mongolian ger is? How is this related to water and risk? Why are Germans working on gers? Want to know more? Start with our first article, which presents an overview of the IWRM MoMo project, which addresses water-related challenges in Darkhan. And what happens if an African Institute for Statistics sends out a staff member to train in Europe? In the case presented here, we got a Cameroonian-German project on groundwater quality up and running and started a new cooperative venture.

Just because people met, talked to each other and acknowledged that they would like to work together in a field of interest. You might add that it isn’t that easy: you meet and the project runs, and I agree. You’re right. You need to move from an idea to a proposal, find some funding, cope with all the administration bureaucracy, deal with people who sometimes look at researchers as if they were aliens, and then, finally, you can start working. And of course you need to take care that the new cooperation is cultivated and can grow. You need to spend time and effort on it, or you will never leave the fledgling stages. Sounds tough? Come on, let‘s look at the great opportunity new cooperative projects offer. We meet new people, exchange ideas, experience different cultures, expand our horizon and have fun. It resembles the Olympics, where athletes from around the world meet and compete for excellence. I hope that you enjoy viewing the Olympic games during the next few weeks and take a little bit of the Olympic spirit to your daily work.

Andrea Rechenburg




  • Towards an integrated concept for monitoring and improvements in water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in urban Mongolia

  • Groundwater Quality and Health in Yaoundé, Cameroon



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