WHO CC Newsletter No. 30 - August 2020

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well. What used to be a polite phrase has gotten more meaning in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, our regular life got deeply affected and we had to put many things on hold. Of all the effects that this pandemic had on us, to me one of the most difficult was the interruption of social contacts and the forced distancing. Suddenly, visiting my parents was undesirable, our family had to discuss who we would be putting at risk, if we would meet, and how we should behave in this situation. My living room was becoming my workspace and meeting colleagues became a virtual event. We all had to learn that keeping a distance is necessary to protect ourselves and others. And we had to find ways to communicate and stay in contact with those whom we couldn´t meet personally. With you, our readers, we have always been communicating from a distance and we are upholding this tradition. In issue 30 of the Water&Risk Newsletter, we focus on the One Health concept. Although Covid-19 is a perfect example for an infectious disease that requires a holistic thinking and the One Health concept fits for work related to the SARS-CoV-2, we are happy to present our readers different research projects that address the application of the One Health approach specifically for water-related risks.

We hope you enjoy reading from young scientists about their projects and as usual, we appreciate your feedback,
Stay safe!


Andrea Rechenburg




  • One Health – an integrated approach to health and well-being 
  • Don’t waste water: wastewater surveillance, antimicrobial resistance and One Health
  • Human-surface water interactions and the transmission of water-related infectious diseases – schistosomiasis in Ghana
  • The salutogenic aspects of urban waters: Promoting ‘blue health’ in cities



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