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Project TP04

Prof. Dr. med. dent. James Deschner
Experimental Dento-Maxillo-Facial Medicine
Center of Dento-Maxillo-Facial Medicine
Medical Faculty
University of Bonn

First Funding Period

The effect of functional loading on periodontal wound healing in regenerative therapy with enamel matrix derivatives

Periodontitis is a multicausal inflammatory disease associated with loss of periodontal attachment, collagen, and alveolar bone. The regeneration of lost periodontal structures can be supported by the application of enamel matrix derivatives (EMD) as well as growth and differentiation factors. Recent studies on cartilage explants and tissue engineered constructs have reveiled that growth factors act in concert with biomechanical signals that can both enhance and inhibit the anabolic effects of biological mediators.So far, the effect of mechanical loading on periodontal wound healing events in modern regenerative treatment approaches has been very much neglected. Since the periodontium comprises load-bearing tissues, the study of potential interactions between bioactive factors and biomechanical signals is critical to optimize periodontal wound healing. This study therefore proposes to examine interactions of mechanical signals with the effects of EMD by application of mechanical load to EMD-treated periodontal ligament cells in vitro and by generation of different loading conditions in an in vivo experimental periodontal wound model. Furthermore, the mechanisms underlying the potential interactions between biological and mechanical factors will be analyzed at cellular and molecular level.


Second Funding Period

The effect of adipokines and obesity on periodontal destruction and regeneration

Strong evidence has accumulated that periodontitis is associated with obesity. In obese patients, serum levels of a number of adipokines, which are cytokines derived from adipose tissue, are altered. Adipokines regulate food intake and energy expenditure, but also inflammatory and wound healing processes. Periodontal regenerative healing can be induced by enamel matrix derivative (EMD) and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2). Whether adipokines interfere with the actions of EMD or BMP2 is as yet unknown. We propose to study the effects of adipokines and obesity on periodontal destruction and regeneration in vitro and in vivo. Specifically, we aim to examine: (i) the regulation of adipokines in human periodontal ligament (PDL) cells in response to inflammatory, hypoxic, biomechanical and regenerative signals in vitro; (ii) if and to what extent adipokines modulate PDL cell functions in the presence and absence of EMD or BMP2; and (iii) the intracellular signaling pathways underlying the potential interactions of adipokines with EMD and BMP2, respectively. Additionally, we will extend in vitro findings by examining the effects of obesity on periodontal regeneration in an animal model. These experiments will help clarify the role of adipokines and obesity in periodontal destruction and regeneration.

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