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About the Lab


Patient-derived tissue can be used to culture three-dimensional self-organized multi-cellular structures called organoids. In contrast to commercial cell lines, organoids retain key features of the tissue they are derived from, such as architecture and functionality. As such, organoids are an important tool in translational research and personalized medicine. We have established protocols for the cultivation of organoids derived from several tissue types and cancer entities. Our main goal is to redefine basic cancer research by establishing a routinely applicable model, integrating both clinical and in vitro information.

In the last years, new treatment options such as immunotherapy have become available. Still, in many patients, the response to available treatment options is inadequate. In order to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms and reasons behind these resistances, our lab works on patient-derived organoid models, which reliably recapitulate tumors, mirroring patient-to-patient differences.



CC is a rare and aggressive type of cancer with rising incidence worldwide and very limited therapeutic options. The main points of interest are to identify novel therapeutic targets, mechanisms of therapy resistance, and mechanisms of metastasis. State of the art patient-derived organoid (PDO) models are being used as in vitro cancer models to recapitulate tumor characteristics in a physiologically-relevant and patient-specific manner.